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Thank you for taking the time to see what I can offer your brand or business.

My background has led me to help solve many business, marketing and communications challenges through the power of creativity. The four key competencies that I have built over a 20-year career are Leadership, Creativity, Strategy and Innovation. 

This portfolio shares evidence to this claim, for you to see where I may be able to add value to your business. I look forward to getting to know you.

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The person I am today, is a culmination of the actions that I’ve taken over the last two decades to help a vast array of people to prosper. 

This has taken a deep understanding of myself; constantly learning from my own failings, in the pursuit of making everything around me better. I believe in continuous improvement for the betterment of oneself but also for the people around us – I think we owe it to this world to become the best versions of ourselves (which may sound corny, but I truly believe it). 

I also believe business succeeds when a collection of high performing members, work together, to strive for a common goal and are held to account for their outcomes. 

For this to happen the teams’ potential must be unlocked and the key to that, is a dynamic leader. A leader who knows that they serve both their team and the broader business. Has heightened emotional intelligence, creates plans that gives everyone a north star, fosters high expectations of each other and relies on feedback to drive necessary change. 

Many people read books and can regurgitate what they think is a great leader. I have had the privilege to lead long enough to have failed enough times, to grow into a competent leader. With the ability to change when the horizon suggests something different is required. Agility is key in today’s teams. These deep beliefs have enabled me to lead many styles of team, from those who are just starting their career, to those with a long tenure in industry. 

I am a leader known to believe in actions over words, have higher expectations on oneself than others will, and to make this life and my teams about more than just me. I hope we get the chance to discover one another.   

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